Abletonator Dj'ing goes nostalgic

This unusual digital music maker, or in common parlance, DJ console is shaped like one those good old, coin operated, video game arcades that you and me grew up with. A smart 19-inch LCD screen does the display duty in the Abletonator showing the DJ all the trick stuff. Coming to the most important part of them all, the sound, which is handled by a Terratec DMXb fire soundcard. The DJ console itself has a midi controller and to replace the keyboard, we have an array of joysticks and custom keys on the console. The PC that runs the now very famous, Ableton music mixing software is rack mounted with a 3Ghz AMD processor handling the processing duty. All your mixed tracks will sit in the 40Gb sata hard disk. Well, that is quite a bit of space for some thumping disco beats. And all this is a DIY project of an English DJ who calls himself Jr Savage. Like its creator’s name, this Abletonator is one piece of a very different, savage music kit. the rough price for the ultimate build is ₤2500.

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