1080p Acer Gemstone Blue notebooks features reviews

Acer is vying for your attention with the latest color blue; their new lineup guns for the high-end notebook market and is nicknamed Gemstone Blue. A drastically revamped Aspire, the Gemstone Blue sports a new design centered around a deluxe media console called the CineDash. The CineDash is a touch-sensitive control that allows you to navigate music, videos, and menus without having to resort to the trackpad. The notebook also features a unique "weave" finish and an advanced speaker system that generates virtual Dolby 5.1-channel surround, including a 10-watt subwoofer. Both the new systems introed are the first notebooks of their kind to feature a true 16:9 ratio display. Both the 16-inch Aspire 6920 and 18.4-inch Aspire 8920G can output at the same 1080p (1920x1080) resolution of Blu-ray or an HDTV tuner (options on both models). At 8ms they are fast enough to avoid the ghosting artifacts that surface on many notebook LCDs. The Aspire 6920 has the option of a less costly 720p (1366x768) display.

Acer claims that the color gamuts on the new notebooks are also a full third richer than conventional notebooks. The key difference between the two notebooks is the graphics and storage. The 6920 includes NVIDIA's next-generation GeForce 9500M GS, where as the larger 8920G has the GeForce 9650 GS. The 16-inch system has 320GB storage and can be doubled to 640GB on the larger via the second hard drive bay. HDMI video output is a standard feature on the two, though only the 8920G has a VoIP phone that allows it to more naturally place calls through Skype or other services. Acer has not said which Core 2 Duo processors it will use or when it expects the new Aspires to ship. In the past however, the company had said that both the systems would be priced between $1,900 and $2,200 and will ship in the spring.

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