Toshiba P205S7806 Satellite notebook PC Features

what are you looking for in a laptop? Everything? Great. We have just the one for you. The Toshiba Satellite P205S7806 with genuine Windows Vista Home Premium (the 32-bit version), is powered by a 1.60GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core processor. It has a capacity for up to 2048MB memory, and a massive hard drive space of 250GB. It comes standard with a DVD SuperMulti drive that supports up to 11 different formats. The 17" (diagonal) screen with native support for 720p HD content makes you want to jump right into the action on-screen. The P205S7806 features everything standard on today's laptops including integrated Wi-Fi compliant wireless, six USB ports, Ethernet, an internal modem, 104-key US keyboard (with 10-key), built in stereo speakers, and it comes with its own AC adapter. The outside screen cover is sleek onyx blue. It comes with more programs and offers than you can count on all your fingers and toes together. But, it gets better: it comes with a built-in web-cam and microphone. How cool is that?! Perhaps best of all is the great price on this PC powerhouse. How much more do you really need?

Have no fear! The SuperDrive is here! Need a disc burned quickly? Let the P205S7806's DVD SuperMulti drive handle it. It supports 11 different formats! Those formats and their maximum speeds are: CD-ROM (24x), CD-R (24x), CD-RW (16x), DVD-ROM (8x), DVD-R (single layer (8x)), DVD-R (double layer (4x)), DVD-RW (6x), DVD+R (single layer (8x)), DVD+R (double layer (4x)), DVD+RW (8x), DVD-RAM (5x).

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