Sony Ericsson T650i

Ever get the feeling that under all the hi-tech, elaborate and hugely impressive developments that surround the mobile phone, the simple phone function is getting lost? Whether it’s the camera, video camera, music player or internet that dazzles with their quality, the phone itself often seems to take second place. Not so however with the new Sony Ericsson T650, which although it has all the functions a phone of our time should be equipped with (and a little bit more) it is the look and feel of the phone itself that is its main selling point.

A simple, square shape, the T650 handset has a satisfying weight and the brushed steel combined with rounded corners lend it a soft touch. A pleasant design with its square keys and colour combinations, the phone looks sophisticated without being mysterious or pretentious. Plus with up to seven hours talk time, one hour and 30 minutes video call time, a straightforward texting system and simple, easy to use short-cuts, this truly is a phone for those looking for, well a phone. That said, as far as other functions go, it’s equally an instant hit. Equipped with an auto focus camera with digital zoom and 3.2 megapixels (which unless you intend to blow-up all your images to poster size is ample pixels, trust us), a music system with Play Now and Photo DJ, internet access, 3D games, video clip, streaming and radio, you’re not going to get left behind with the extra bits.

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