Panasonic SDRS10P1 Features Details Reviews Compare Accessories

Panasonic SDRS10P1 Features Details Reviews Compare Accessories Whether you're monkeying around on the rock gardens or recording a performance art piece (what are they doing with that chicken?), this 0.40 lb. SD Palmcorder® camcorder makes a perfect companion for pretty much any occasion. In Quick Start mode, the SDRS10P1 begins recording in just 1.7 seconds from the time the LCD screen is opened. Quick! Baby Nathan is taking his first steps — flip open the SDR-S10 and you're recording before Grandma can say "Awwwwww!"
Make your own action movie Imagine taking video shots from a boat and then viewing them on a large-screen TV. Blur seems inevitable, but not with the SDRS10P1. E.I.S. (Electronic Image Stabilizer) technology helps minimize hand-shake in tough recording situations. Like when you're zooming in on that hovering dragonfly or recording Aunt Greta bust out her slalom waterski tricks.
Water-resistant power So you're on the boat again. Wind whips through your hair. Sun warms your skin. And of course, water occasionally sprays across the boat. The SDRS10P1 enjoys the refreshing spray as much as you do, thanks to its water-resistant design. The SDR-S10P1 is also designed so you can hold and operate it even when your hand is wet.
Rugged shock resistance Cousin Vince takes over recording duties on the boat, and pretty soon you hear an "Uh-oh!" followed by a dull thud. Not exactly music to your ears, but you know it's all okay. At least it wasn't a resounding splash. The SDRS10P1 is Panasonic's toughest camcorder yet, designed to resist damage even if dropped from a height of up to four feet. The fortified outer body casing improves rigidity and strength. Inside, an intermediate resin chassis cushions and protects the main circuit board and lens. So breathe easy and give Cousin Vince a second chance at recording Aunt Greta's front-flips.

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