Nikon COOLPIX S51C Features Details Reviews Compare Accessories

Nikon COOLPIX S51C Features Details Reviews Compare Accessories The Nikon COOLPIX S51C digital camera has several distinct features that set it apart, and when combined, make this one of the best camera buys on the market. One is the 8.1 megapixel resolution of this camera. At that high resolution, pictures look great up to 16" x 20". Another great feature is the small design of the camera. With a sleek, metal build under 3" x 4" and a weight of under five ounces, this is a handy camera to have around. It can slide easily into a pocket for safe keeping while you walk around. Typically, smaller cameras aren't packed with so many great features. To see a camera with such great resolution and so many innovative features in so convenient of a package is a great find. However, this small size also made sure it wasn't a bother to use by adding a three inch screen on the back, and a handy scroll-wheel to move around the small LCD panel. Another cool function is the all new Picmotion, which allows you to create a slideshow with music right on your camera using five preset and downloadable songs. And, perhaps its most unique feature, the COOLPIX S51C comes standard with the ability to share pictures wirelessly. E-mail, store, or send your pictures directly to a Flickr account through Wi-Fi with my Picturetown (additional fees may apply for all wireless features). Dynamite comes in small packages. This camera packs some powerful features, and while, thankfully, it doesn't explode, it can offer more functions than almost any other camera its size.
Nikon COOLPIX S51C Classes Required With the Nikon COOLPIX S51C, you don't have to be a trained photographer to snap pictures like one. This dynamo camera is packed with tons of automatic features to make sure your picture turns out just how you imagine it. It features Optical VR Image Stabilization to remove jitters from photographs. Auto adjustments up to ISO 1600 let you shoot in hi and low light settings without worrying about how your image comes out. A 3x otical zoom from a Nikkor lens and a 4x digital zoom let you get up close and personal to your subject without actually having to get up close and personal. Lastly, the COOLPIX S51C has built-in sensors to find faces in the picture so your prints don't come out with a highly-detailed wall and indistinguishable faces. Wow your friends and amaze your family with your newly-discovered photography skills courtesy of the Nikon COOLPIX S51C.

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