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Nikon COOLPIX S210 BRONZE Features Details Reviews Compare Accessories If true-to-life is the ideal, then Nikon helps to realize the dream. By combining a 35 mm equivalent Zoom-Nikkor lens, 52MB of internal memory, and 1000 ISO, the COOLPIX S200 delivers sharp, 8.1 megapixel images. Such high resolution enables you to make truly impressive enlargements (up to 16 x 20) of your personal masterpieces.
Seventeen practical scene modes The pre-programmed Scene Modes make it easy to capture optimal results in the most diverse shooting situations. With the COOLPIX S210, anyone, even a novice photographer, can take great images simply by choosing the appropriate mode for the next picture. Some popular modes include Portrait, which emphasizes a subject with natural skin tones against a soft, pleasing background; Close Up, with its precise manual focus area selection and appropriate coloration, making detailed subjects stand out from the background; Landscape, which emphasizes depth-of-field, capturing distant scenes sharply and clearly, for postcard-like landscape pictures; and Panorama Assist, which allows you to take several side-by-side images, all at the same exposure and white balance setting, then combine them later to create spectacular wide-vista photos that will be the envy of your friends and family. The other scene modes you can select are: Party/Indoor, Night Portrait, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Night Landscape, Copy, Fireworks Show, Backlight, Sports, Dusk/Dawn, Panorama, and Museum.
More and more, newer and newer Never content to say good enough, Nikon has crammed more and more newer and newer technology into the COOLPIX S210's sleek and stylish chassis. On top of the upgrades list is the One-Touch Portrait Button, which automatically activates Nikon's proprietary In-Camera Red-Eye Fix and Face Priority AF to create stunning portraits. That's just step one! Step two automatically activates D-lighting in Playback, brightening overly-dark pictures — in short, saving the day. It's a wonder we've gone this long without technology this smart.

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