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Nikon COOLPIX P50 Features Details Reviews Compare Accessories Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a casual shutter-bug, the resolution of the photo you take plays a large part in the quality of the photograph. Your new COOLPIX P50 delves into the realm of the awe-inspiring by sporting a 8.1 megapixel resolution. That kind of megapixel resolution brings you several advantages. First, it allows you to capture an elevated level of detail and color quality in every shot, giving added life to all your memories. Second, it gives you the ability to create stunning enlargements without sacrificing detail and clarity. Finally, a new image-processing engine delivers optimal performance and color reproduction. This high-performance pixel count is enhanced by the COOLPIX P50's 3.6x (28-102mm) Zoom-NIKKOR lens, providing wide-angle capability, and 2.5" CCD image sensor.
Your COOLPIX P50 Keeps Its Cool Your passion for photography is as steady as can be, but every once in a while the excitement of the moment shows through. Your brow sweats a little, your heart pounds, and your hands, yes your hands, begin to shake ever so slightly. Maybe once upon a time your ability to keep your camera steady on that perfect shot in all conditions might have made the difference between making the shot, or breaking it, but no more. Nikon has outfitted your new COOLPIX P50 with Vibration Reduction (VR) electronic image stabilization. VR takes camera movement data from a built-in angular velocity sensor and applies in-camera image processing to turn blurred images into beautifully clear results, on the spot or anytime later.
High-Light As a know-no-bounds photographer, you sometimes find yourself in extremely bright light conditions. When this happens, the LCD screen on your digital camera just doesn't quite give you the clear view of your shot. Not only does your new COOLPIX P50 feature a 2.4" anti-reflective LCD for an optimal view in the majority of light conditions, but also an optical viewfinder for those high-light moments.
Low-Light Part of the excitement of photography is dynamic light conditions. This means that some of shots will involve low or insufficient light — insufficient, that is, for most cameras. Your new COOLPIX P50 features an impressive ISO range of 50 to 2000, guaranteeing that every light condition is an opportunity for an ideal shot.

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