new gadgets for busy professionals

New gadgets Are you a busy working professional who prefers new innovations that make life easier? Do new technologies and gadgets fascinate you? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your job done with the click of a remote or an electronic button? It would almost be like unleashing the genie from Aladdin’s magic lamp to get your work done. Read on to find out about a few hot new gadgets that are in store for you.
A copier machine that translates! If you deal with international documents regularly, this will mean a lot to you. The new Fuji Xerox machine translates texts without distorting the page layout and graphics. While scanning the printed sheet, it can translate it into a language of your choice. Like other Web translation services this too does not translate very clearly but with some fine-tuning your job could be done.
Gamercize sports Don’t let the sun go down on you without having exercised! The Sony PlayStation 3 enables you to shed some of those pounds while you play a game. But the game requires you to exercise enough to get rid of the aliens. An optional stepper and stationary cycle are available to you at additional cost. Research by the game developer has shown that if you play this game for one hour on the stepper’s maximum, it is equal to playing soccer or swimming and you could burn almost up to 700 calories. You will be so engrossed in the game that you won’t even realize that you are actually exercising! What could be better? So shed some of those pounds while playing your favorite game!
Phone flashers Even if you prefer to keep your mobile on silent mode at work or at home you don’t have to miss important calls. The phone flasher will spin around and will flash lights to alert you of an incoming call or text message. It works within a 1-meter range from your mobile phone and is available as three characters – kitten, monkey and penguin.
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