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Lots of the big tech companies on show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas have already unveiled details of some of their forthcoming gadgets in anticipation of the start of the CES. Sanyo has launched a great-looking piece of kit, the world's smallest and lightest full high-definition camcorder. The Xacti HD1000 records in full 1080i HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) at 60 frames per second. It has 10x optical zoom and also doubles as a four megapixel camera capable of taking still images. Weighing in at 269g with a 2.7in widescreen display for composing shots, you can record up to five hours of standard TV on an 8GB memory card, or 85 minutes of HD television. It'll set you back about $800 (£400) when it goes on sale. Samsung's getting in on the HD act, too, with the launch of a high-definition compact camera, the NV24HD. It's a 10-megapixel snapper that's also capable of capturing video in 720p resolution at 50 frames per second, and the 2.5in OLED screen is great for framing shots, whatever the light conditions. The NV24HD has got all the standard face-detection and image-stabilisation technology on-board, and will be available in the UK in March for around £249. Audio gear has also had a strong early showing at CES, with Logitech adding a new addition to the Squeezebox family of music-streaming devices.
Squeezebox Duet The Squeezebox Duet will stream tunes stored on a computer around the home. It's controlled by a neat remote with a 2.4in colour LCD screen which also displays album art, and you can buy multiple receiver units if you want be able to play different music in different rooms. Users will be able to wirelessly browse and play digital music on their existing speaker systems, even when your PC is switched off. It's also compatible with subscription-based services such as Rhapsody ( and Pandora ( Hitting stores at the end of the month, the Duet will cost about $400 (£200). Parrot has also announced a new music-streaming speaker set, and Philips has unveiled the Streamium 7500 series. As expected, there are more new high-definition television sets being launched than you can shake a HDMI cable at, but one of the most interesting is undoubtedly Pioneer's Project Kuro TV set. It's still in the concept stage, but the Kuro is a high-definition 50in plasma screen television that measures just 9mm thick. It won't be going on sale this year, but it provides a tantalising glimpse into the TVs of the future.

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