Apple MB061LL/B 2GHZ MACBOOK WHITE Features Details Reviews Compare Accessories

Features Details Reviews Compare Accessories More Power, Using Less Power This sleek white MacBook comes with 1 GB of memory and supports up to 4 GB of memory. Which equals plenty of storage with 80 GB of hard drive space. That's not all. The MB061LL/B keeps you untethered courtesy of built-in Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme (802.11g). A Combo Drive on the 2.0 GHz model lets you burn DVDs. And those 2.2 GHz models pack 4 MB of shared L2 cache, which helps deliver a 6x leap in performance over the iBook or PowerBook before them.
Safety In Smaller Numbers So the MB061LL/B is fast. And it has a program to fit your every need. But what really sets the Mac apart from the competition? Security. See, the Macintosh OS X platform has its roots based in UNIX, which means core processing functions are locked down. No communication ports are left open. No administrator privileges are left unlocked. If this just sounds like techno-babble, what it really means is, the Mac you invest in is almost impervious to hackers. Your data is safe. What's even better, since Macs don't take up the lion's share of the computer market, they aren't targeted for viruses the way Bill's computers are. There's just no glory for the gutsy hacktivist. Get smart. Get a Mac.
Race You To The Future Mac's are proven high-speed performers, and the new MB061LL/B is no exception. The Intel Core 2 Duo—based on Intel's advanced Core microarchitecture—offers a second-generation chip born of Intel's new 65-nanometer process. That process lets Intel create incredibly small transistors—small enough, in fact, to fit a hundred inside a single human cell. With two powerful processors designed to share resources and circuitry so unimaginably small, the Intel Core 2 Duo achieves far higher levels of performance while actually consuming less power. With its 64-bit processor architecture, the Intel Core 2 Duo can manipulate data and execute instructions in chunks that are twice as large (64 bits versus 32 bits), delivering advanced computational power to MacBook. That adds up to a 6x performance boost over the iBook and 12-inch PowerBook before it—speed and agility you'll notice when working with photos in iPhoto, creating Keynote presentations, or editing podcasts in GarageBand.
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