Waterproof your phone with Ion-Mask

Only a root-canal hurts more than seeing your precious high-end mobile phone go down the loo. Literally. What’s worse is when you get caught in the rain and find your cell-phone having a lovely swim in your coat pocket. Fortunately, the wonder that is called modern science has come to the rescue of your water-shy cell phone. A British company has come up with a solution called the Ion-Mask that claims to repel water and oil molecules and theoretically can prevent the damage to phone’s hardware.

The special plasma material coated on the phone hardware protects it against the damage caused by the penetration of water into the depths of the device. Three cellphone companies are currently negotiating the deal with Ion-Mask and if the talks go through, soon you may be able to bring your phone to the shower. On second thought, do you really want to take your boss’s call while you’re relaxing in there?

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