Video Store in a Web-Connected Box Bulks Up Its Storage

The Vudu box, introduced last fall as a networked device to deliver high-quality movies to home theater systems, now comes in a supersize version. The new Vudu XL packs a terabyte of storage space under its stylish black hood — enough to store hundreds of digitized movies right on the TV altar. The Vudu XL will be available next month at audio-video dealers and at It will be priced at about $1,000, plus the additional cost of the movies and TV shows that are rented or bought. Rentals range from $1 to $4; films can be bought for $5 to $20, while episodes of TV shows are $2. About 5,000 titles are already available on the Vudu, including recent DVD releases like “The Bourne Ultimatum.” In certain cases, a video can be played immediately, without waiting for a download.
Although most standard cable and DSL broadband services work with the Vudu for delayed viewing, a minimum download speed of 2.2 megabits a second is needed for the instant-gratification perk. J. D.

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