Sony Ericsson Z555 - Houses a diamond design and Gesture Control features

Are you looking for a designed phone that’s pretty compatible to your personal style and does not compromise on features or performance, either? This New Year, Sony Ericsson has launched its latest model Z555 and you can find all the features you need in it. Maybe some extra facets which you never expected are also there in the elegant clamshell, that combine Gesture Control with a one-of-a-kind diamond design.

Its gesture control quality that maximizes the use of the embedded camera, while making, ignoring a call or snoozing the alarm is as easy as a wave of your hand. When a call comes in, a simple movement of your hand back and forth over the phone mutes the ringtone. Similarly, sweep your hand over the phone when using it as your alarm clock to put it into snooze mode.

The style and look that you endure can be perfectly set off by Z555. Its gorgeous outside display shows you who is calling even without opening the clamshell. As your own mood changes with the time your cell will also change its look to suit the season. The colors and designs that appear within the phones themes, effect the look of the menu system and home screen, can update automatically as the year goes by.

Store your favorite music tracks or audio books on the phone and what’s more, you can also sort them by chapters, albums or artists. Tune in to FM Radio for the weather, traffic or the latest celebrity news. The Z555 is also compatible with three sleek new Bluetooth„ headsets (HBH-PV708, HBH-PV712 and HBHPV770). Moreover, the Z555’s 1.3MP camera ensures that you’re always in a position to snap the action as it happens. Take a picture of a potential new purchase and send it as a picture message to a friend or upload it directly to your ‘blogsite’ so that everyone can share what you’ve been up to.

Choose between Diamond Black and Dusted Rose colors to draw everybody’s attention. But you have to wait a bit as Z555 will be marketed in from February 2008.

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