Samsung’s 1TB HDD has world’s highest recording density till date

Samsung Electronics has just unveiled its latest offering of F1 RAID Class 3.5-inch SATA HDD. The mega-storing device has a capacity of 1TB and runs at 7,200rpm. But all those features are not the real news. The news is that this drive has the world’s highest ever recording density.

The three platters using HDD has been christened Spinpoint F1R and is the coolest operating drive amongst similar drives boasting of 1TB memory. The HDD has been specially built for enterprise storage and video surveillance applications. The advance features, however, make it equally adept at running call centre systems, databases and software development.

The electronic giant has estimated that the demand for storage capacity ‘continues to grow at an annual rate of nearly 60 percent and high capacity disk drives are increasingly being deployed in data centers to meet this demand.’ Accordingly it has announced its latest offering. Normal home users should look away because they are unlikely to find need for such a great firepower.

The drive is expected to be released in first quarter this year. With all the features, the F1R is designed to operate in environs characterized by 24/7 operations, high storage needs and necessitating low power consumption. This one’s going to give its competitors a lot to think about. Samsung has certainly got a head start this year. Huge capacity Largest capacity 1000 Mb Harddisk drive biggest capacity HDD 2008 1 Tera bite.

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