Vivid Audio’s $54K Giya G1 speakers for serious hi-fi fans

Here comes a new entrant to the ever-growing family of luxury speakers. The Vivid Audio’s forthcoming new flagship speaker Giya G1 inherits design cues from Laurence Dickie’s prior work with B&W’s famous Nautilus project. The G1 will be unveiled at CES 2008 with Luxman electronics and is sure to woo the audiophiles. Touting a wild make and eye-catching automotive paint finishes, the Vivid Giya G1 takes the Vivid’s patented technologies to the maximum. From the custom drivers to the supercar-derived cabinet construction, the Giya builds off designer Laurence Dickie’s work at B&W creating the famed Nautilus series of super speakers. The new speakers are aimed straightforward at serious hi-fi fans sharing a passion for sound and style. All the included speakers are made using advanced, patented cabinet construction and bass loading. The smaller speakers make use of double drivers on the front and back of the speaker in a bipole radiating fashion while the dual 12″ woofers with mechanically coupled magnets are positioned on the sides. Vivid’s K1 speaker has already impressed us with its amazing bass low 30 watts of power, so we can expect the new Giya G1, at four times the volume, to be a bass beast. Weighing 154lbs, the new Vivid Audio’s Giya G1 speakers carry a stocky price tag of US $54,000.

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