Use Xbox 360 controller to play PlayStation 3?

What controller would you prefer: the Xbox 360 one or PS3 one? It seems that more people like Xbox's controller more because it is more comfortable to hold. So Ben Heck has modified the controller so it is more comfortable to use when you play PlayStation 3.

What he did is he took apart all the innards from the PlayStation 3 controller and made the Xbox 360 controller work with PS3. So now he has a SIXAXIS-stuffed Xbox controller. He has his own secrets of how he has done it. The fact is that now if you really want it you can get an Xbox 360 controller gadget to play with PlayStation 3.
If you really like the shape of Xbox 360 controller but you want to be able to play PlayStation 3 you can get the controller from Ben Heck. There is no information on how much that could cost but it would certainly be a cool gadget.

The question that I have is: what PlayStation fan will change the PlayStation controller to the Xbox 360 one, and what Xbox 360 fan will buy a Sony PlayStation console? So I think it is somewhat useless.

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