Slim Sony PSP Review

Sony PSP Gaming systems are big for the holiday shopping season and for kids, teens and adults on the go portable systems are even more appealing. Not too long ago Sony made a few changes to its PSP portable gaming system. Today we are going to look at the new slim PSP and compare it to the old PSP to see just what is different about the two systems. If you are thinking about getting a new PSP, read on for details on the new slim PSP and some comparisons to the old PSP.

Features & Specifications

The new PSP has the same basic specifications as the old PSP. Games and movies are still stored on UMD discs. You can even pop your Memory Stick out of your old PSP if you are upgrading and play from your previous saved games without any issues. Size wise the new PSP is a bit slimmer and by a bit, I mean a tiny bit. It is 0.7-inch thick whereas the old PSP was 0.9-inch thick. The weight of the new system is 6.7 ounces as compared to the weight of the old system at 9.2 ounces.Sony doubled the amount of onboard memory with the slim PSP from the original 32MB to 54MB in the slim PSP. The screen is the same on both machines and the WiFi adapter is the same as well. The slim PSP gains the ability to use a component out cable to play games on a larger screen.Gaming wise the two systems are identical. Other than the slight reduction in thickness, the bulk of the weight savings comes thanks to the smaller, thinner battery pack. The new PSP uses a 1200mAh battery while the old PSP used an 1800mAh battery. While the battery is smaller, the new PSP uses less power so game play time is rated the same by Sony at 3-6 hours.

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