GPS Jacket helps keep kids safe

The way we live is based on certain rules. How often the Murphy law makes us be away in those situations when people we love need our help more than ever before. Harder it is when this people are our kids.

A new gadget from Bladerunner steps over this rules and allows you to know and see where your kid is - the GPS children's jacket. It is the latest satellite detectable clothing based on GPS satellite technology.

Generally speaking it is a small chip sized device easily fitted into a pocket with an even smaller rechargeable 15 hours battery.

All you need is a computer or a mobile phone to track this missing jacket. On the first sight looks as an ordinary one, better saying won't make your child look as an alien. It is even better. Has a pocket for your child's iPod.

Jacket's accuracy is up to 4 square metres and every 10min you receive new positional updates. Be prepared as the GPS information may be interfaced in real time thanks to Google Earth. However, its intelligence doesn't stop here. As soon as your kid leaves that particular area an alert will let you know about that.

If you child left school and got to the City Mall you will hear beeping sound. If you child left his friend's house and got to his neighbor - beep.

Besides all that even kids will love it because in any case of emergency they can alert you by just pushing the alert button twice. Though the cost may seem high to you - 512 USD, plus 20 USD monthly satellite charge a question appears "Does your kid's life and security has a price?"

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