Flying Eco-Hotel - Manned Cloud by Massaud Studio

Fly high without polluting the sky. Awarded by the Design Observer 2008, the Manned Cloud is a flying hotel, which allows its passengers to discover inaccessible areas, devoid of any infrastructure (airports, roads, hotels, etc.). This is an impressive return to the airship, cargo or business center of 500 square meters flying at 280 km/h. The concept is being pushed forth by Massaud Studio, in partnership with ONERA, the centre of French aerospace research. The talented French designer Jean Marie Massaud dreamed of the future options for travel and came up with the Manned Cloud, a hotel in the air. The flying hotel is said to be a mix of huge zeppelin, with services cruise, hotel accommodations and aesthetics. According to the creator, this hotel-cruise-dirigible will allow the travelers to enjoy a non-stop round the world in 3 days, while staying in any of its 60 rooms. This looks like a white whale in the sky. The hotel in the clouds appears quite as green as amazing. The designer’s dream of a unique, helium-filled hotel from where you can appreciate the most marvelous views of Earth, could be realized as soon as next year.

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