Chocolate Portable HDD — Hot or Not?

Technology’s not just about functionality anymore. Design plays an integral part in today’s tech market. After all, if manufacturers don’t put emphasis on subtle differences in aesthetics and features, how will consumers know which product to choose? This hard disk drive is a perfect example.

Christened the Chocolate portable HDD by its designer, Sang-Hoon Lee, the gadget mimics chocolate bars. The margins are made up of 12 detachable flash drives connected to a central hub. Said central hub is a touch-screen panel wherein you can view the files in your flash drives as well as organize them.

The design received mixed reviews as the viability of using it in real life is questioned. Although I find the concept attractive, I very much doubt I’d be using one of these. I’m not exactly the most organised person on earth and it’s very easy to lose one of those pieces. What do YOU think?

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