Canon Powershot SD870 IS - Digital Camera Review 2008

Funny-Games.wsDuring the course of the review, I will sometimes refer to my personal SD850 IS because the comparison highlights some seemingly minor but significant feature/design changes. While I (by a small margin) prefer the look and feel of my silver SD850, the SD870 scores higher on functionality. Many of the features are the same, but the SD870 is easier to use because of the placement of key features and, of course, the LCD screen.For example, I mentioned the importance of being able to easily review pictures I have taken (or others have taken of me) so I can decide whether more need to be taken. With the SD870, the play button stands alone on the back of the camera for easy playback without having to exit a shooting mode. In contrast, with my own SD850 I have to switch out of picture taking mode (into play mode) in order to review a picture, then remember to switch back. It's a small design change, with major benefits-especially for the compulsive reviewer-re-taker. In general, this feature on the camera makes it easier to navigate back and forth between the modes. To get out of review (play mode) you simply tap the shutter button.On the other hand, one change I do not like on the SD870 is the on/off key right next to the shutter button. Consider how many times you have asked someone to take a picture with your camera.

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